Win a Nutribullet with Vaniki

Win a Nutribullet with Vaniki this January.

What is a Nutribullet?

A Nutribullet, otherwise known as the super food nutrition extractor, is more or less a blender / liquidiser that breaks down ingredients into their finest and most nutritious state.

There are plenty of blenders on the market, and most of them will do a good job of mixing ingredients. When it comes to how thoroughly blenders break down ingredients, there is a HUGE difference between the best and worst blenders.

The Nutri Bullet unlocks vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that would otherwise be missed by conventional blenders and mixers.  Even the hardest and smallest ingredients can be broken down to give you the smoothest of smoothies.

Should You Buy a NutriBullet? The Pros and Cons

It takes up very little space 

One of the best things about this blender is that it’s much smaller than most other blenders of equal capacity. You can easily leave this compact machine on your kitchen counter and hardly notice it, or store it in the corner of your cabinet. Of course, the small size of it  can also be a downside if you’re planning to throw a big party – or if you have a big family to feed, but these are more suited to post dieting programmes.

Who else is enjoying nutritious smoothies?

According to Glamour magazine, Kate Middleton is known in America as “The Smoothie Queen” with her compact at-home blender dubbed “the secret weapon in her kitchen”. She claims it’s the reason she’s been able to keep herself fit and healthy through her last two pregnancies, as well as ensuring she’s getting all the minerals and vitamins she needs to stay healthy.

So, there you have it, if it’s good enough for the Princess, it’s good enough for me! Now obviously the Nutribullet is a bit pricey, so why not try and get a free one?!

Click the “Get this Freebie” button below, and join Vaniki to go into the prize draw for your chance to win one of 10 they are giving away 10 this month!

Happy Blending!!