Earn money online with PaidOffers.co.uk

PaidOffers.co.uk is a site where you can earn money by completing questionnaires, surveys and other offers.

Much in the same way that TopCashBack works, PaidOffers receive commissions for completed offers which they then share with you.

Earn yourself money in your own time when you want and where you want. All you need to do is complete offers then check out your earnings and rewards as they grow.

Be careful to only answer “YES” to offers that you are actually interested, here’s why.

If a question reads “are you interested in saving money on your household utilities” and you are not, then do not answer “YES”.

The energy client will ring you and when they realise you are not at all interested, they will tell PaidOffers you weren’t interested and then PaidOffers will remove the commission for that question from your account. You only get paid for the questions you answer “YES” to and are genuinely interested in receiving information on. So if you are smart about it and this could make you some serious money!

Click the “get this freebie” button and sign up with your name and email address.

When you’re in you will be able to see “as above” your dashboard where you will have offers to pick from on the right and your earnings calculator on the right.

Remember to only answer “YES” to offers that you are interested in, there are loads of different offers so don’t worry about them running out.  Take your time and enjoy the extra income this can provide!

Lastly, enjoy yourself and good luck!