This Man Commutes From Barcelona To Save Money on London Rent!

By Cloud Freebies on 9th Feb 2017

A man has found an incredible way to get round London’s extortionate rent prices. He flies from Barcelona every day to work because he’s worked out that it’s cheaper than actually living right where he works in the UK capital. Madness!

We all know London has some unbelievable rent prices, and believe it or not, showers in kitchens are actually a regular thing! A studio flat with this interesting feature will set you back a ridiculous £500 per month.


Sam Cookney joked about the idea on Twitter when he realised that it would actually be cheaper to commute from Spain. After a bit of research, he wrote a blog post, which ultimately led to him going through with the idea.

On his blog, Sam wrote:

“I think many people thought I was joking when I boldly declared it would be cheaper for me to rent a two bed flat in Barcelona and commute to London every day than get a one bed flat here. Turns out I was – I could, in fact, get a three-bed flat. I thought as least it would require some poetic license or awkwardness or dodgy sums, but no.”

The only assumption I’m making here is my working a four-day week in London, with a day at home (i.e. in Barcelona). Here’s how it pans out: So, Zoopla informs me the average asking price for a one-bet flat in West Hampstead (chosen because I know and like the area, and seems not a stretch to suggest that a young professional may afford to live there) is £1,505.”

It turns out that he is able to get to his desk in London for 9:30 am, but still gets all the positives and perks of living in sunny Barcelona, for a much lower price than he would pay for the same thing in London.

He pays €800 a month for rent, which is the equivalent to £570. The cheapest two-bedroom flats with a small bit of garden space in London is £1,100 a month.

This all comes down to what price Sam can get his flights for. He seems to think that he can get a return ticket from Barcelona to Stanstead for virtually €34 a day.

Talking to the Mirror Online he said:

“It’s really just a complete lifestyle change, and so much for the better. I can go for a run along the beach before work, walk to my co-working space in 10 minutes, escape down the coast at the weekends, have amazing restaurants right on my doorstep, and the cost of pretty much everything is a fraction of London.”

As you can imagine, the commute must really take it out of him, though. The journey from door to door apparently takes him around five-and-a-half hours.

Sam does however still spend some of his time in London though, and I’m sure there are some places in London where you could get a much better deal. If you had the choice of living in Barcelona and getting the best of both worlds, you’d take it, right?