4 Tricks Bartenders May Use To Take More of Your Money!

By Cloud Freebies on 15th Feb 2017

Bartenders have a pretty tough job really. They’re hard working and have to deal with a host of drunk people night after night, but often you do get various places and bartenders that make the most of you being drunk and essentially take more of your money even though you might not realise it.

Sometimes little scams are used to either squeeze a bit of extra money out of customers or to shortchange them, this doesn’t happen everywhere but these tricks are known to have been used.

Here are five tricks that are used that you should definitely been watching out for.

Pouring from top shelf


Like all jobs, you’re judged on your performance, and with bartenders, they’re evaluated by how much money passes through the tills. If you were to order a vodka Redbull then a bartender is highly likely to reach straight for that more expensive bottle of vodka. You’re probably assuming the price is what it usually is at this bar or club and you won’t question it. If you do notice, are you likely to mention it?

An alternative to this is that sometimes they replace brands so although you think you’re getting a certain brand you may possibly be getting another.


Adding Water To Your Drinks


Bartenders have also been known to dilute liquor down, adding water to a half finished top shelf brand. Adding water to rocks drinks is something they also do. Some keep a bottle of water in the ice bin to add to your drink. As ice melts pretty quickly, it’s sometimes harder to detect.

Icing Your Drink Down


You will surely have noticed this one before. If a bartender has added ice, even if you wanted a colder drink, it is taking up valuable space in your glass. Don’t be fooled by the stronger taste, as you’ve probably just been cheated out of half of the drink you paid for.


Reducing amount of mixer


Customers definitely notice light pours, but few will complain if they get a stronger drink than they were hoping for. The fact is you haven’t gained any more drink than you were hoping for, you’ve probably just lost out on the mixer. They may just fill the rest of the glass up with ice. This ensures that you finish your drink quicker and head back to the bar for another.

One way to make sure that your drink isn’t going to be tampered with is to buy a bottle of something. That way you can see it being opened yourself.

Have you been fooled by any of these tricks before?