Here’s 8 ways to save money in No-Spend November before Christmas hits!

By Cloud Freebies on 25th Nov 2016

A campaign has been launched for November to help people save vital cash!

It’s called No-Spend November. The concept is simple, you can only spend money on absolute necessities in November; “It’s like a crash diet for your finances.”

Plus even if you’re not a big Xmas shopper it’s still a great concept to save some money for 30 days.

Before the quest to save begins you must figure out what is truly a necessity to you.

Thing’s I’d determine are- food, commute, standard bills like electricity, heating and water.

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#1 Remove temptation

If you receive frequent offers from stores you love, emails about flash sales and the like then you may want to unsubscribe from them.

I mean without the sale would you have really bought that extra pair of jeans which you didn’t actually need?

Just think: Free is cheaper than cheap. 

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#2 Discounts, Coupons and Freebies

It is always important to check out any kind of discounts, coupons, freebies and rewards which you can receive.

Websites like Cloud Freebies offer fantastic deals where you can get amazing products and testers for free!

Never forget about the discounts they are simply AMAZING!

However, remember with coupons only get things you actually need to buy… otherwise what’s the friggin point?! (Unless it’s free anyway).

#3 Plan out big events

You should always think ahead to big events which you know you’ll have to spend some cash.

If you’re attending a ball, wedding, early Christmas party or surprise birthday bash why not get creative with what’s already in your wardrobe.

Plus it’s probably best to skip that expensive hotel room afterwards.

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#4 Ignore your cravings 

Even if you really really really want a takeaway you MUST resist one. (I know you can do it).

Avoid fine dining, your favourite pizza and kebab for a month and you’ll reap the rewards.

Eating out is one of the easiest ways to throw away money so avoid it and become healthier too.

It also means ditching the chocolate too 🙁 but think of all the Christmas treats you’re going to have!movies cake chocolate bruce matilda


#5 See if you have any vouchers

It’s always a good idea to check and see if you have any gift cards lurking about the house.

You never know what you might discover with a nice reward!

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#6 Cut back on your vices

Most of us love visiting our local coffee shop whether it be a lunch break from work, meeting a friend or just chilling out. This month try and avoid doing that bring your own coffee into work, invite your friends over instead!

If you also love going on a night out maybe reign it in for November you’ll be doing enough of that around Christmas and the New Year anyway.

Booze costs a lot so cutting it out will save a fair amount.

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#7 Alter your social scene 

If you are already a fan of low-key weekends with Netflix, then No-Spend November is gonna be your type of month. (Just ignore that you paid for the Netflix subscription.)

Invite friends round for a movie night and catch up. Throw a party but ask guests to provide their own booze/ food.

Throw a party but ask guests to provide their own booze/ food.

Do a free sporty activity go for that walk, ride your bike you and your best friend could get fit together. Crucially for FREE!

#8 Start walking 

I know November isn’t the warmest of months, however, when possible choose to walk instead.

You’ll save a ton of money on petrol, public transport, a cab or Uber.

Plus who doesn’t LOVE a cool crisp Autumnal walk!

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