8 easy ways to make money as a student

By Cloud Freebies on 25th Nov 2016

University can be an incredible experience, but your finances will certainly take a battering.

Student loans often don’t even cover your rent and bills, so making sure you can make a few more pennies is a must!

It can be difficult to keep your head above water without the financial help of your parents, grants and loans. Getting a part-time job is always a great option, but there are some other less time consuming ways to build up your bank balance.

Here we’ve found some quick and simple ways you can make money as a student!

Deliveroo Rider


I bet you’ve never thought about becoming a Deliveroo rider, but you certainly should! As a Deliveroo rider, you are an independent supplier and free to work to your own availability in a small area. As a rider you can receive fees of up to £16 per hour depending on your location, and just think about all those tips that will add up too!

That’s not all though, Deliveroo also offer a ton of perks and discounts with Apple, Vue Cinema and some great restaurants.

Binary Trading


This one may be a little bit complicated, but binary trading could lead to some significant profits once you know what you’re doing. There are practice trading accounts available, or you could go straight for the real thing. Robert Mfune was just 18 when he entered into the world of binary trading, and he went from being a McDonald’s worker to a millionaire!

Quidco Cashback


With Quidco you can earn cashback on everything you buy this year. Explore some amazing cashback deals at thousands of retailers, visit the site through Quidco and then watch your bank balance rise as you get paid cashback on what you buy!

Become a freelance writer / blogger


If you’re an aspiring writer or journalist, then freelancing could be the perfect way to make a bit of money! Many publications are always looking for content. There’s a chance you could be paid a certain amount per word or per article, and you’ll be gaining some much valued experience while doing it. It’s always worth dropping websites and magazines an email to see if there are any freelance opportunities available.



EBay is an extremely useful tool for making a bit of extra money. You can sell anything on eBay, from old clothes to books and electrical items, even the new plastic five pound note. Stumble across a note with a specific serial number and you could be quids in! One has even sold for a whopping £50,000!

Fill in surveys

Woman Reading Text Message On Bus

Another way of earning a little extra money is to complete offers and fill in surveys. 20 Cogs pays you money for doing just that! You certainly won’t become a millionaire overnight, but the more offers you complete, the more money you make!

Product Testing

Fashion smiling hipster woman having fun taking picture self-por

There is nothing we like more than getting something for nothing. Although this isn’t a way to make money as a student, product testing has some amazing perks available to you.

Product testing is a review site that gives away free products, for their product tested to review and keep for free!

They give away a wide range of products like brand new iPhones and other smartphones or beauty products like hair curlers or make-up sets. They even let you review mini breaks away in cities like Barcelona and Rome.

Become a model


Do you think you have what it takes to become a professional model? It could be the start of a lucrative new career and UK models help to give you the advice and expertise you need to start making waves, confidently freelancing and securing contracts in the modelling industry.