5 easy ways to save money for Christmas!

By Cloud Freebies on 25th Nov 2016

The season of giving is almost upon us, but the problem we face every year is how to show the people we love how much we appreciate them without bankrupting ourselves.

We all want to give our friends and families amazing gifts but sometimes the cost just gets too much and we do ourselves long-term financial damage. A typical family spends more than £820 on Christmas, according to a YouGov survey.

Now there are ways to cut out the extra expense without cutting the presents list. It’s all about managing and preparing for the holiday season.

We have 5 easy ways to save money for Christmas so you can still spread the Christmas cheer, without spreading yourself too thin!

1. Prepare your present list!


Now is the best time to sit and work out what presents you are going to buy and more importantly who you are going to buy for.

Talk to your friends and families and agree that you won’t exchange gifts this year, or set a price limit for family presents, particularly those for adults.

Try agreeing to just buy presents for kids. You can find lots of great stuff for low prices on sites like this, who find the best cheap presents and put it in one place!

Most of your family will be in the same boat as you and if you offer up some suggestions, they are more than likely to go for the idea. By setting these rules beforehand, costs can be kept to a minimum without people feeling left out.

2. Cut the drinks bill!

Who doesn’t love a bit of mulled wine at Christmas?

Unfortunately, though alcohol sometimes goes down a bit too easily over the holidays and the cost of wine and beer can spiral. Make sure that you do your research and find which supermarkets or off-licenses are doing the best deals.

Shop around and don’t worry about brand loyalty. Ge the best deal for you!

We obviously want you to have as much fun as possible this year but if you can limit the amount you drink, your wallet and liver will thank you. It will also make your New Years Resolutions a lot easier.

3. Get the best deal from your energy provider!

It might not be the funnest thing in the world but you can save hundreds of pounds by comparing all the energy suppliers and finding the best one for you. Obviously, during the winter months, energy bills are at their highest so now is the perfect time to find the right deal for you.

Find an energy comparison site like free price compare who will offer you a free and impartial service that can save you hundreds of pounds. Not only will you feel the benefits throughout the year but those extra savings can be put to good use at Christmas. It could go towards extra presents, extra food or even put towards for a bit of winter sun.

4. Don’t let your stomachs rule your head! 

Food is a huge part of Christmas and everyone wants to go out and get all the food they can.

Find ways to cut the costs by properly looking at what you want to eat and what you should eat. Turkey prices are ridiculously high and cost a lot to cook, maybe look to find a cheaper but even more delicious option. Or collect your free Bernard Matthews Turkey here!

The biggest waste at Christmas is buying too much food. You really don’t need to have cupboards bulging with chocolates and biscuits.

You’re shopping for one day, not the end of the world. Shops will be open again on Boxing Day!


5. Make the brave move to not send Christmas Cards!

This is a controversial one but cards are just so ridiculously expensive and frankly unnecessary.

You should be seeing or phoning your close friends and family anyway and we believe no one wants Christmas cards, they all just they have to send them.

Be brave and be the first one to stop sending them. People will follow your lead and everyone will be happier 🙂

If you still want to send cards, think about cutting costs by making homemade cards and hand delivering them to your loved ones.

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