Make money online just by completing offers

By Ben Hardicre on 18th May 2016

It doesn’t matter who you are you could always use a little extra money. There are ways you can earn money online but not many of them are as simple as 20 Cogs.

20 Cogs is a free to join website that pays you money for completing offers. You won’t become a millionaire overnight (sites that promise that are often scams or just don’t work) but you can earn a few hundred pounds in your spare time.

Sarah Johnson recently used 20 Cogs to earn some extra money.

I really like the fact that you can work your way through the offers at your own pace. I had to wait a little while for all of the offers to be confirmed by the advertisers, but once they did I had my money in a couple of days.

How does 20 Cogs work?

Advertisers often pay commission to people who complete their offers. 20 Cogs brings all these offers into one place and as you complete these offers the money you earn is added to your balance.

What are the offers?

It could be anything from signing up to a website or just completing a survey. You have to complete 20 offers before you can cash out your balance but if there is ever an offer you don’t want to complete you can easily select an alternative offer. If you’ve ever used a cashback or a ‘get paid to’ site 20 Cogs is very similar to one of those.

Sabrina Anwari is another person who has been earning money with 20 Cogs.

I’ve used Cashback sites for many years now so the concept of this site makes total sense to me. Once all of my offers were confirmed getting my payment was easy.

If you are looking to earn some extra money 20 Cogs is perfect for you. You won’t earn millions but just by completing some simple offers you can earn a few hundred pounds in your spare time.

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