7 eBay Buying Tips

By Michael Lupin on 6th Feb 2016

Here are some buying tips to get the most out of your money on eBay and grab a bargain!

eBay is an incredible marketplace for buying new and used items. There are millions of things to buy at the click of a button from a range of categories. There are however, a few things you should look out for to make sure you aren’t being scammed and aren’t paying over the odds!

Use the Watch List

Use eBay’s “watch list” to help track auctions. You don’t even need to place a bid, but be there in case the item you want is about to go at a low price! Add items to your watch list and you will receive an email reminder before the auction finishes.

Be careful of fakes!

As great as this site is, there are also many fake sales taking place. eBay has a ‘flag and remove’ policy which helps identify fakes, but do what you can to make sure you’re not being duped.

Do your research before buying big name brands. Also make sure to check the sellers’ feedback and be weary of overseas sellers, as you may not be getting exactly what has been described in the auction.

It may sound strange, but the more unprofessional the photos are, the more legitimate the sellers may be, as they will often take photos of their items at home.


Look out for underpriced ‘buy it now’s’

Bidding wars are almost inevitable on many auctions due to the pure volume of items available oneBay. Buy-it-now bargains could be a better way to go. When you spot a good price, it is definitely worth going for.

Quite often sellers are unaware that they have a piece of gold and list items below the market value.

These types of deals are usually snapped up quickly. Do your research about what prices items you want are going for. Then make sure you filter it to show ‘buy it now’ items only and sort the results by “newly listed”. Scan through until you spot under-priced goodies, then swoop in.

Remember the delivery charge

It’s important to add in the cost of the delivery to get a good idea of whether you’re actually getting a bargain or not. With overseas sellers, sometimes the postage and packaging can make a vast difference to the overall price.

Search and sort items by ‘lowest price + P&P’. Obviously auction listings’ prices could still rise, but on buy-it-now items this instantly shows the cheapest.

Some sellers charge higher delivery rates to supplement an income.  eBay however seems to be cracking down on this with a maximum posting charge for various different categories.


Find super cheap local bargains!

Sellers on eBay will often specify whether items must be collected in person. These often receive fewer bids so there are bargains to be had.

The downside is you can’t search for “pick up only” on eBay. However, is an iPhone app created just for this purpose, called Local Ebay Deals Finder, by Money Saving Expert.

You might just grab an incredible bargain!

Use spelling mistake spotters

Believe it or not, spelling mistakes on eBay are more common than you might expect. Wrongly-spelled products will attract fewer bids because they’re less likely to come up in your searches.

You could be missing out on potential bargains by spelling correctly! There are a few different websites out there which take advantage of this.

These include Fatfingers, Baycrazy, Goofbid and BargainChecker.

Check the eBay going rate

Don’t pay over the odds for an item when you don’t have to. Search through the site to see if there is a cheaper sale. You might want to shop around on other sites too just to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

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