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Download FlappyBird Free

If you missed the craze and your chance to play the stupidly addictive Flappy Bird game . I have come up with a guide on how to still get the game for FREE on your Android device.


Basically, what we are going to do is download the game and install it on our Android device. Android apps and games carry a file name .APK, and can be installed without the help of the Google Play Store, which is handy since its not on the Google Play Store anymore!”


 Image for Download FlappyBird Free in free games

Download the .APK from one of the links below. Put the file in a safe place on your PC, as we will be transferring it to your Android. Needless to say, the game is being downloaded like hotcakes so I’ve included a few links to the .APK  just in case one of the links isn’t working. “We did not upload these files”


Flappy Birds (mega)

Flappy Birds (Google Drive)

Flappy Birds (Filecloud)


Make sure your Android device is connected to your PC and transfer the .APK to your device’s internal memory or external SD storage.


 Image for Download FlappyBird Free in free games

If you’ve manually installed apps or games on your Android device before, you can safely skip this step. 

By default, the option to manually install apps on Android devices is disabled. In order to manually install apps, we need to enable the installation of unknown apps or .APKs on your device.

  • Android 2.3 (and below) – Go to Settings » Application » check ‘Unknown Sources’ box.
  • Android 4.0 (and above) - Go to Settings » Security and check ‘Unknown Sources’ box.


 For this step you’ll need a file explorer app which will install the .APK. If you don’t have one yet, download File Manager here. There are a number of file manager apps for Android, and all do pretty much the same thing. Open up your file manager app and locate the Flappy Bird .APK.

Next, click on the file and the File Manager will ask you if you want to install the program. Click yes, and Flappy Birds will begin installation. Follow all on screen instructions.
That’s it! Flappy Birds is now installed on your Android device. Now get to Flappin!

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